Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy Birthday to me

Where else than the ever changing Great Lake?

I was standing where the waves broke flat on shore when that roil at the middle left almost knocked me off my feet, and got my pants wet and sandy up to the knees. The Lake likes to play too:]

Went with Son #1, and then to dinner at Saugatuck Brewing, best walleye ever! Yesterday with Sis, received a bunch of flowers and lunch at China Inn, luv the bourbon chicken. Son #2 texted me this morning and called late afternoon (will see him sunday). Neighbor come over with card and homemade hand lotion.

Most of the day was happy, even sunshine in the morning after two days of rain. But, yeah there's always that but, got the results from my MRI today and my lumbar spine is all f'ed up (already have a fusion in the cervical spine). Earlier this year the doc referred me to a physical therapist, and we all kinda thought the operation on my right hallux was causing me to limp, and probably throwing off my gait. A few weeks ago while at the kazillion dune stairs beach i got some scary symptoms, and so finally went to a podiatrist, who found that joint fusion to be very good, but my left hallux needs the same operation, and he didn't think either big toe was causing my hip/back pain. He wondered why the doc hadn't ordered a hip x-ray. Good question. I asked the doc if he couldn't just put me in the hospital and turn me into a bionic woman. We have the technology! (dated reference, haha)

Ah yes, getting old, the warranties on all the parts have expired. Keep calm and hobble on.

Oh yeah, don't forget to keep your sense of humour.

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  1. You’ve captured yet another great shot of the Great Lake. I haven’t seen waves rolling in like that since viewing the mighty Pacific.

    btw, I get that dated reference; remember that “6 Million” spin-off well. But, I have to ask…

    Do you really want to be able to run at 60 mph and have an ear that the NSA would be envious of? If so, by all means go the bionic route.

    All kidding aside… wishing you wellness and a pain free life.