Monday, September 9, 2013


Went to the Kazoo River last week. This scene looks so prehistoric, in fact, equisetum  (horsetail or snake grass) is the only living genus in Equiseataceae, a family of vascular plants that reproduce by spores rather than seeds, and is a living fossil, the only living genus of the entire class Equisetopsida, which for over one hundred million years was much more diverse and dominated the understory of late Paleozoic forests. Some Equisetopsida were large trees reaching to 30 meters tall. (h/t Wiki)

Scarlet Lobelia, or Cardinal Flower, Most of these beauties were inaccessible except by sight, found this gem just off the path.

Can't remember the name of this flower (it's listed on an info board at the park) but it was all over. Made for a pretty light and shadow scene.

Goldenrod, framed by a tree, caught my eye while i sat on a bench.


  1. My virtual nature walks via your photo galleries are the next best thing to being there (btw, your river looks a lot bluer / cleaner than the one coursing thru my hometown’s park grounds).

    1. The river does not usually look that blue, but it is fairly clear. I spoke with an EPA guy last year at a monitoring station here, and he said that the oil spill had not made it down this far. However, there is a board with warnings on eating the fish, sigh.

      Glad you enjoy our virtual hikes!

    2. Well, at least the river water hasn’t caught on fire… yet. I’d add my haha… but something like that happening, someday, is not all that farfetched.

      Keep on posting pix. I enjoy the view.