Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Every Picture Tells a Story

don't it

Yesterday my neighbor talked about Laketown Park, so it was in my mind to go there today, as i hadn't been for a few weeks. Gilligan Lake, on the way. It's even more beautiful in person, but this is a pretty good slice.

Luv to be at Lake Mich. The sound of wind and waves blow/drown out any irritating thoughts,feelings, moods. Today though, as soon as i pulled up, another car came in with the radio blaring, and that was almost all i could hear up the dune on the first stretch of half a kazillion stairs. Ahh, then the wind in the trees took over. There are another kazillion stairs up and down more dunes, but i choose to go down the dune, and was standing there trying to get the colors of the water, when someone came up panting behind me. He waited, so i feel i rushed the shot and it could have been better framed, but therein lies the story.

We walked down the dune together, and along the beach to the stream that comes out of the woods. We spoke of cabbages and kings, and many other things. He said the water was cold, no, refreshing, said i, last i checked yesterday, 60 degrees. He wanted to go swimming, come on, no and no again. So he went in while i want to sit on the sand, when suddenly my mind saw me sitting at home tonight wishing i had gone in. So i did. Refreshing indeed.

He had to go somewhere, so we walked back, and he wanted to meet up again Friday. I sat at the bottom of the stairs and meditated (smoked a ciggie really). The last guy i dated, last summer, was 14 years younger than i, and i think he was even younger. Not that age matters, it's all relative, time is a dimension, right? Whatever, nice to know i still got it, whatever it is.

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