Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dear NSA

Is it you causing problems with my blogger account? I keep getting a pop-up box when i click anything from my dashboard , that says i'm logged out on another account, do i want to log in again? If i click, you open the same dashboard in a new tab with the same results. Around and around we go, log out of everything, log in in random order, until finally you randomly open a new post, go to comments, etc. You've probably left so many back doors open that you've befuddled my poor computer's circuits. And, you've successfully cause a kerfuffle in my brain circuits too. I'm the determined sort though. Or is that stubborn? Anyway, please take a hint from John McCain, and just sit around and play online poker, wouldya?

This tickled my sense of humour:


  1. It seems as if you aren't the only one having "issues" :