Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Companies That Use Monsanto Products



  1. Of the nearly 70 Monsanto Companies you’ve mentioned, I buy products produced by 6 of them: Coca Cola (no more than one can per week), General Mills (unbleached flour for my once per week, made from scratch pancakes), Heinz (vegetarian beans… they’re way too salty… I really wouldn’t miss ‘em), Kraft (the grilled cheese sandwich is my guilty pleasure… buy about three packages of cheddar per year), Nabisco (Fig Newtons… what can I say… I’m addicted) and Quaker (Old Fashion Oatmeal… nearly every breakfast).
    I could easily whittle these 6 products down to zero. But I’m wondering… is this list you’ve provided complete? I wouldn’t want to buy alternative products… only to find out later that competitors also had ties to Monsanto.

    1. I just copied the list from a random site cuz there are a few i didn't know about as a reminder not to ever buy them. I don't think that their herbicides and pesticides are very good to ingest, plus Monsanto seems on a course to take over the food supply of the whole world. I'd be leery of any food with corn, soy, or beet sugar.

      I liked dried figs, plums, and apricots, sometimes in my old fashioned oats:] mmm, scratch-pancakes, the only kind that taste good.

    2. Monsanto… the corporation that metastasizes... not unlike the cancer(s) they cause.