Friday, April 22, 2011

Follow the Money

Dictatorship in Benton Harbor, Michigan, not too far south of me; wish i could believe it is unbelievable. The city's mayor, commissions, and fiscal rights? Gone. Voting Rights? Gone. Democracy? Going fast. Dictatorship Nationwide? Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

Seems the city did not want to give up its public land on Lake Michigan. Seems a group known as Harbor Shores wanted the land for a golf course. Seems Whirlpool, which used to have a factory in Benton Harbor, but closed it to open a more profitable factory overseas, is a part of Harbor Shores. Seems State House Representative Fred Upton is a heir to Whirlpool.

Seems there will be a new golf course, and the annual pass to play there is expected to be be about half the average annual income of the typical Benton Harbor resident.

Something smells, fishier than a beach full of dead alewives, in the state of Michigan.

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