Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crazy and Crazier

Sometimes I wonder why Obama seems so slow to speak out about current issues in the Middle East, even though I think our government shouldn't meddle quite so much in other countries (we have more than enough problems to take care of right here at home). Why did it take until Friday for Obama to censure Gadhafi for murdering the citizens of Libya? Friday is when Americans were able to leave Libya by flight and ferry.
For those of us glad to avoid further tragic and costly mistakes overseas, slow and careful is reassuring.

Of course some pit bull soccer moms would just post stuff all over their FB before Americans left Libya, cuz after all they're just t-bots programmed to do so by those big corporations.

India is holding its 10th Annual India Today Conclave, a high profile talk shop of “global thought leaders” next month. Can you guess which pit bull woman was invited to talk, and whose speech is tentatively titled `My Vision for America`” ? Dear People of India: I thought you said global _thought_ leaders. And, whatever she says, it's _not_ my vision of or for America, or any place else in the world.


  1. Have you seen this:


  2. @Cellar Door, yes, and there are ever more abundant proofs of lies, and crimes. I wish that our entire government would put on their walking shoes and just keep walking, far far away. We the People deserve better.