Thursday, February 19, 2009

color of moods

ColorForward 2010 identifies 20 colors – five colors for each of the four societal and lifestyle trends.

Some examples:

The color palette for Reinventing Happiness features a warm dark-chocolate brown called “Goldiva” and a rich, creamy raspberry red called “Satisfaction.” It also includes a soft greyish blue named “Balance,” a pearly champagne color called “Cashmere,” along with a light turquoise blue, dubbed “Spring Fling,” which is reminiscent of shallow Caribbean waters. People will respond to these colors, the Clariant team feels, because they express harmony and balance, combining a feeling of luxury with the warmth and safety of a cocoon.

The color choices for Age Shock, on the other hand, are bright and fresh, with a hip and trendy appeal. They break new ground even as they hark back to the tie-dyed fabrics of the 1960s. This palette includes an energetic fuchsia called “Transition,” as well as a softer red-shaded lilac called “Elixir.” “Forever Young” is a pink orange that expresses youthful vitality, while “Jeanealogy” blue connects to the jeans culture. “I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat” is a saturated yellow that is both bright and energetic and, at the same time, soft and childlike.

The color “Jungle Passion,” is a deep crimson red produced from natural pigments derived from plants., “Barefoot in the Park,” a relaxing, organic green.
(Text colors limited by my imagination and/or bloggers text colors.)


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