Thursday, January 15, 2009

if I could get there from here

Science fiction is often a precursor to scientific theories and/or facts.

The Matrix - Star Wars

Holographic noise may have been found by scientiests hoping to detect something as vast as astrophysical sources of gravitational waves, and instead inadvertently detecting the minuscule graininess of space-time.

Our everyday experience might itself be a holographic projection of physical processes that take place on a distant, 2D surface.

Theoretical physicists have long believed that quantum effects will cause space-time to convulse wildly on the tiniest scales. At this magnification, the fabric of space-time becomes grainy and is ultimately made of tiny units rather like pixels, but a hundred billion billion times smaller than a proton. This distance is known as the Planck length, a mere 10^-35 metres. The Planck length is far beyond the reach of any conceivable experiment, so nobody dared dream that the graininess of space-time might be discernable.

So, if my day, or life, seems a little fuzzy...

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