Monday, January 12, 2009


a pain of words
dammed in my mind
by an echo of music
from the god of the blue
who sighs in the waves and wind
as i stand in the sand
of a bridge of sighs
and hear songs of the universe
before the earth was ever here

huh, guess I must like this pic, found another poem with it from Nov. 14, after a hike in Saugatuck dunes woods

between time

recumbent on a sunny beach
notions of up down west east
were easily kept out of reach
distinctions created by mind
are indistinct and oh so kind
and i believe them to be true
why else would the sky be blue

there and back time is slow
what moves about i do not know
furtive rustles the only sound
stealthily it comes from ground
melts trees my heart pounds
leaves a shimmery haze
enthralls my gaze
counterpoint to wind and waves
homage paid
in the cathedral of forested dunes

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