Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Three Fates

in the flux and illusion of matter
fate is both deceiver and teacher
relativity and transience
are not absolute
earth rolls and turns
from distaff to spindle
and time is circular

woven threads of life
which may appear flat
as the line of time
we stand on to watch the past
turn into what has become

Wyrd of destiny
that primal weird word
thus became earth manifest
defiant of our ability
to understand debt
fate becomes necessity

Orlog (The Norns' Chant)

In the midst of darkness, light; In the midst of death, life;
In the midst of chaos, order. In the midst of order, chaos;
In the midst of life, death; In the midst of light, darkness.

Thus has it ever been, Thus is it now, and Thus shall it always be.

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